fuel injector upgrades FAQ

 want to upgrade your old style fuel injector?
EV1 / EV6 to a newer style EV14 here is a few things to consider, we use Bosch way of classifying injectors so for example

EV6 - version of injector
C - conical spray pattern
L - long size injector

1) Injectors have different sizes
Kompact - in German it starts with a K

2) Fuel injectors have different connectors
Sumitomo - most japonese cars will use this
D-jetronic - early type of Bosch connectors
Jetronic - 2nd gen Bosch type connectors
UScar - american cars from 1990- to late 2010's will use this
Honda OBD1 / OBD2 - both are rectangular jetronic looking but a little different

 Heres a few links to if you need adapters for connectors

Jetronic to Uscar
Uscar to Jetronic

3) injectors have different flow rates LBs per hour / cc per minute etc. 

4) They have different spray patterns
B single jet spray
E = V spray
C = Conical Spray

5) A little history on injectors
 in the beginning there was 1 hole nozzle, as injector technology advanced they cut more holes into the nozzle, EV14 design offers up to 12 holes... the more hole the better the fuel atomization, that’s why newer motors are so smooth and responsive. because the droplet of fuel is now a fraction of the size it was just the decade before.

from early trottle body injectors, it evolved to port fuel injectors. then extended nozzles sprayed fuel closer to the valves. now with GDI injectors fuel is sprayed inside the combustion chamber. the latest being the most efficient. GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection, sprays at extremely high pressures