How to identify the right fuel injector for your vehicle

how to find the right fuel injector for your vehicle

all injectors have a part number stamped on the side, look at the number and type it in our search box to find it.. or message us and well send you the link.

for people wanting to upgrade your old style fuel injector EV1 / EV6 to a newer style EV14 heres a few things to consider

1) injectors have different sizes Kompact / Standard / Long

2) fuel injectors have different connectors Sumitomo / Jetronic / USCAR / Toyota / Honda / etc..

3) injectors have different flow rates LBs per hour / cc per minute etc. 

4)They have different spray patterns E = 2spray or V spray / C = Conical Spray / B single jet spray 

5) spray Nozzle, in the beginning there was 1 hole nozzle, as injector technology advanced they cut more holes into the nozzle, EV14 design offers up to 12 holes... the more hole the better the fuel atomization, that’s why newer 2005+ vehicles are so smooth and responsive. because the droplet of fuel is now a fraction of the size it was just the decade before.

the latest generation of fuel injectors GDI injectors are very high pressure, injecting into the combustion chamber and is